Born Gregory Kellman on December 23rd, Melekel is an International Reggae and Dancehall Superstar that has been writing, producing, recording and performing for over ten years. With the gold record release of "Desperado" on Interscope Records, he established himself on the global scene and has remained a source of popular music. The Grand Son of Amy and Victor Barrett, he is the Great Grand Son of George Hutchinson; a Jamaican Mason who migrated from Jamaica to Panama with his wife Christiana during the early 20th century. Click here to read more...


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War Specialist The Five W ((Podcast Theme Song)) Documentary (Extended Version) Black Hero
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Documentary Film ((Haile Selassie I, Man of Right))
Documentary Film Score Click the Image below to Listen ((Audio Only)) Podcast ((The 5 W's in Reggae and Dancehall Music))
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New Upcoming Album in Fall 2023
Tributes Marcus Garvey Celebration
The NFT Art and Music Collectibles Show

On August 17th, Melekel took part in the First, 'Art and Music Collectibles Show,' in which a rear piece of digital art "Ode Marcus Garvey" and the new single, "Black Hero" honoring the infallible words, works and memory of Jamaica's National hero Marcus Garvey werr  paired and on full display. Both collectible items are offered as a NFT (Non-Fungible Token). There are limited downloads available of the set for only .33 cents, beginning on the day of the event. For less than $1 (one dollar) anyone from around the world can acquire the digital art print and the special new single; whereby owning an exclusive piece of the culture. The digital print is issued with a seal of authenticity.

The single "Black Hero" will be available to stream and download with your favorite Online service August 17th, 2023 for the standard price

Haile Selassie I, 130th Birthday Celebration
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