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Amanda Herbert, Bangor, ME  


"Melekel's music is a breath of fresh air in the reggae and dancehall world. His unique sound and powerful lyrics make him a standout artist in the genre."   


Michael Ford, Boise City, ID


"This Artist's performances are a true celebration of music and culture. His stage presence and energy are contagious, creating an unforgettable experience for his fans."    


Carolyn Burton, Kingston, JM


"I cant't get enough of Melekel's music. HIs songs are like a journey through the hearth of reggae and dancehall, blending traditional sounds with a modern twist."


Rosa Messina, Tampa, FL


 "Melekel's dedication to spreading messages of love, unity, and positivity through his music is commendable. He's not just a reggae artist; he's a force for change." 


Lindsey Skaggs, Grand Rapids, MI


"His impact on the reggae and dancehall scene is undeniable. His authenticity and passion shine through in every song, making him a beloved figure in the industry."